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For 36 years, Parisian born Laurence Anderson has been famous for hand-picking each French antique from all over France, from daybreak to sundown, in auctions, estate sales, flea markets and friends in Paris and Normandy who are either moving out of their villa or castle, or just downsizing their lives. Being from Paris and knowing the French, she has the advantage of obtaining the lowest price for each piece!

Specializing in fine wood and unaltered pieces, her perseverance has been so successful that her 36 year reputation has been for genuine and good quality 18th, 19th, and 20th century French antiques such as armoires, aubusson tapestries and screens, chandeliers, buffets, commodes, enfilades, chairs, breakfronts, objets d'art, hotel silver, and art deco.

Made in France has been a favorite destination for discerning French antique lovers for 32 years! A visit to "made in france" is indeed a unique, warm, friendly and memorable experience! Please call and make an appointment for a personal tour of our merchandise. We'll be happy to  take you on a trip through the provinces of France, right here in Houston, TX!

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